We are committed to improving the quality of education in Africa. We focus on literacy, vocational education, and teacher training. Our goal is to build a robust and equitable learning ecosystem for Africans.

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Technology for a better education

As part of our commitment to improving the learning environment & culture, providing access to world-class technology, and accessing content partnerships with universities across the globe; Diatom Impact, Platform Capital, and Unicorn Group donated state-of-the-art autonomous robots to the University of Lagos.

These robots are the first of their type to be deployed in universities on the continent and offer cloud-based intelligent services that can solve issues in education, learning, medical consultation, security, and other fields through the latest technologies including Facial & Voice Recognition, Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance, Target tracking, and Video Calling functionality.

The Africa Literacy Project

Vocational Training

Beneficiaries with new literacy skills will be enrolled in vocational training programs tailored to their talents
and interests.

Teacher Training

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We have partnered with a teacher training program that will improve teacher quality across
200 schools this academic year.

We aim to increase the number of functional literate people by 1 million by using a digital mobile solution. Our pilot project was launched in Sierra Leone in partnership with JobSearch.