We are committed to improving the quality of education in Africa. Our goal is to build a robust and equitable learning ecosystem for Africans. We focus on literacy and partner with schools at the primary, secondary, and tertiary level to expand access to quality education.

What we Have Done

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NGN 39,300,000

Endowment for student scholarships. NGN19.3m disbursed

50 Students

Have been Impacted by our scholarship programme

$ 50,000

Committed to ElectHer to get 1000 women to run for Office

500 Readers

New readers in Sierra- Leone

50 Scholars

Endowment for student scholarships. 19.3mn disbursed

2 Robots

2 Autonomous robots donated to the University of Lagos

Art Lecture Room

Refurbished UNILAG building with state of the art lecture, meeting rooms

Mobile Technology

Created to teach learners how to read through whatsapp and sms messages

In parnership with

Adopt-a-School Programme

As part of our commitment to education and capacity development in Nigeria, we partner with primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions to help them achieve their vision of transforming children and young adults into responsible, skilled, and culturally balanced citizens. We identify, adopt, renovate, and rehabilitate schools across the country, thereby creating model institutions of learning for children. We aim to provide world class facilities and access to best-in-class learning.

the Africa literacy project

The Africa Literacy Project (ALP) is a transcontinental initiative that partners with literacy centres, government agencies, and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) providers to offer literacy courses en masse to vulnerable social groups. Our digital solution teaches literacy using a phone.  

Training will be delivered by Cell-Ed's unique technology — a voice- and text-based app that offers 3 – 5 minute micro-modules via SMS, app, or Whatsapp. Content will introduce learners to basic English Language and cover topics like COVID-19, civic engagement, financial empowerment, African history, and ethics.

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Technology for a better education

As part of our commitment to improving the learning environment & culture, providing access to world-class technology, and accessing content partnerships with universities across the globe; Diatom Impact, Platform Capital, and Unicorn Group donated state-of-the-art autonomous robots to the University of Lagos.

These robots are the first of their type to be deployed in universities on the continent and offer cloud-based intelligent services that can solve issues in education, learning, medical consultation, security, and other fields through the latest technologies including Facial & Voice Recognition, Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance, Target tracking, and Video Calling functionality.

The Africa Literacy Project

Vocational Training

Beneficiaries with new literacy skills will be enrolled in vocational training programs tailored to their talents
and interests.

Teacher Training

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We have partnered with a teacher training program that will improve teacher quality across
200 schools this academic year.

We aim to increase the number of functional literate people by 1 million by using a digital mobile solution. Our pilot project was launched in Sierra Leone in partnership with JobSearch.

What we Plan TO Do

Vision 2021

$ 3,000,000

To fund education infrastructure renewal and tuition support from primary to tertiary level

8 schools

To be rehabilitated and equipped

260 Scholars

To receive full tuition support

2,500 Students

To benefit from several learning facilities

Education 2021

This year we will focus on rehabilitating primary, secondary, and tertiary schools across Nigeria. We will invest in STEM education by providing space, equipment and materials to nurture future technologists, machinists, and computer scientists. We hope to eradicate illiteracy by leveraging technology to offer literacy tools en masse. Finally, we will incentivize academic performance at the highest level by upgrading academic competitions in spelling, debate, and mathematics


In 2020, we supported 2 secondary schools – City of Knowledge Academy and Nigerian Navy Secondary Schools -  and 1 tertiary institution – The University of Lagos. Our plans for 2021 include

N 78,600,000

Doubling our commitment to CKA and Navy Schools in student scholarship to 100 DiatomSholars.

2 schools

We have also extended our reach to primary schools. We will support 2 schools this year


In partnership with Edusko, we will identify potential schools to sponsor in the future


We will conduct primary research and survey teachers and principals to understand their evolving challenges and needs

Natural History Museum, University of Lagos

Platform Capital will build a dynamic museum that will feature current and historical records animals, plants, geology, ecosystem and other artifacts discovered by the University.

Multipurpose Sports Hall and Swimming pool

We will build a state of the art multipurpose sports hall and swimming pool for the City of Knowledge Academy this year


2021 marks the beginning of our investment in STEM education. We have 2 goals: Through established partnerships with schools we will build fabrication labs (3D printers, CNC Machines, laser cutters) and/or computer labs in our adopted secondary schools.

We will fund girls to attend STEM programs in Kano and Lagos through a partnership with Kabara. Kabara is a non-profit focused on empowering the socio-economic lives of individuals from Northern Nigeria. The Kabara STEM hub boosts skill acquisition, school excursions, field trips, community networking, robotics and programming as well as vocational opportunities. They work with girls aged 13 - 21.


Readland is a leadership Centre that offers a happy fun-filled playground where top-notch learning services are provided for children between the ages of 4-19. As such children with limited access to technology and data will be able to develop basic literacy skills, leadership, and digital literacy in a safe and trusted environment

In partnership with Readland, we will build 8 e-learning centres in rural areas across Nigeria. These centres will:

Expose Children

To the joy of reading books


Offer programming, Graphics Design and Web Design classes

Public Speaking

Teach public speaking, and etiquette

Academic Championships

To raise the profile of academic competitions and incentivize academic excellence, we will sponsor major national competitions in spelling, mathematics and debate. Goals:


Engage the organizers of the most prominent competitions


Match or exceed current sponsorship levels


Offer winners internships within the Platform Capital Group ecosystem