Power the village

change the narrative

We aim to transform Africa by building a powerful village of local and global changemakers. Together we will change the narrative and practice of investment and development in Africa.

Why Now?

data demands action

Now is the time to double our collective efforts
in education, health, job creation and gender equity
in order to re-write the social and economic
trajectory of Africans and Africa.

The population of sub-Saharan Africa is projected to increase 100% by the year


Nigeria's maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in the world. The number of children who will die before age 5 is

1 in 5

Out of the 38 mn school-age children in Nigeria, 10.5 mn are not in school. This represents


Over 50% of the continent is unemployed. In Nigeria that number is

21 mn

We work across 4 key areas:
Entrepreneurship, Education, Gender, and Health


We've launched 1Community,
a micro-business incubator
and network, whose mission is
to support 10 million businesses across Africa in the next decade.

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We are committed to improving the state of
education in Africa through community-based
models that leverage local technologies.
In light of COVID-19, we turn our attention
to developing alternative learning pathways
for our most vulnerable groups,
girls, and youth in rural areas.

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Our gender equity work is intersectional. In our education and entrepreneurship projects we place special emphasis on supporting women and girls

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Even before COVID-19 erupted on the global stage, we grappled with high maternal mortality, high incidence of malaria, and even a recurrence of Lassa fever. In pursuit of our dream for Africa, we will build an inclusive healthcare ecosystem with indigenous technologies, community-led development, and scalable training solutions.

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Quality of life

We believe that every African deserves to live with peace and dignity.We commit funds to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people. This includes women who have been battered, people left starving because of the coronavirus, and businesses that were looted during the endSARSprotests.

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